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10-12-2010, 02:53, Section: Software    

A assemblage of most used or must have applications in one single DVD load .ISO - All with updates and necessary sn's to help you , the user , memorize a fresh installation , quick & running + 100% secured. It does embody all necessary software for a PC to run more than gently and safe .All Applications have been pre-cracked or have a extraordinary folder near them called 'cure' 'fix' SN (txt) 'crack' 'patch' or "How to" (txt)Content:


Author: Root, read more

21-12-2010, 10:14, Section: Software » Operating System    
Windows Crystal XP V4
Windows Crystal XP V4
Author: ccxmktr, read more

27-07-2011, 12:05, Section: Software » System Tools    

CCleaner 3.09.1493 + Portable

CCleaner 3.09.1493 + Portable | 3 MB + 2.8 MB

CCleaner is system optimization and privacy tool. It removes unused files from your system - allowing Windows to run faster and freeing up valuable hard disk space. It also cleans traces of your online activities such as your Internet history. But the best part is that it's fast (normally taking less than a second to run) and contains NO Spyware or Adware!
Author: princesa, read more

6-07-2011, 01:39, Section: Software    
UralSOFT WPI v5.06 (Multi)!

UralSOFT WPI v5.06 (Multi) | 4.6GB

This collection is made with the needs of both regular users and advanced users. Added only the most necessary and needed programs. Immediately after installing the system in this collection may be found necessary programmy.Svoeobrazny collection for any occasion and any needs! Show all tested and installed without a problem!
Author: queenluck, read more

5-01-2011, 07:12, Section: Software    
DOC&TT 2011 11.0 - KL

DOC&TT 2011 11.0 - KL
DOC&TT 2011 11.0 | 229 MB

Boot Pocket Disk-Reanimator, "which consists of the best programs and utilities that almost everything you need for rapid analysis and assistance with the maintenance, diagnosis, repair and restore your computer system.
Author: kalong_12, read more

19-01-2011, 23:26, Section: Software    
Mini WPI TMD-Edition 2011

Mini WPI TMD-Edition
2011 | Soft | 821 MB

WPI TMD-Edition - version of the WPI andrkim (a). The release includes the best and most popular programs. This CD is useful for both professionals and ordinary users. You only need to note the program you want to install and the installation and registration will take place in a fully automatic mode.
Author: Paromonkey, read more

28-11-2010, 22:19, Section: Software    

Windows 7 GAMER Edition x32X64 [UndeadCrows]
* 20 GB of HDD distance
* 128 MB Graphics Memory
* Pixel Shader 2.0
* Dual Core Processors with 32x64 Bit OS Capable
* Active Internet Connection (For Activation and Updates)

Recommended Requirement

Author: Root, read more

13-05-2011, 21:41, Section: Software    
Windows 7 Infinium SP1 x64
Windows 7 Infinium SP1 (x64) 4.16 GB
Back from a brief hiatus I present to you Windows 7 Infinium 64 SP1. This OS is built on MSDN Windows 7 Enterprise 64 bit with Service Pack 1. All updates as of 4/2011 including Internet Expler 9 and the .net 4.0 Framewk are intergrated.
Author: thewin, read more

30-05-2011, 11:16, Section: Software » Drivers    
Win7 Rescue PE 3 (May 2011)

Win7 Rescue PE 3 (May 2011) | 1.10 Gb

Win7 Rescue PE 3 ? a universal platform for servicing today?s PCs (04/14/2011) ? is a bootable Windows PE Built on Windows 7 SP1 for backup, testing, maintenance and disaster recovery of your PC. Is a universal platform for installation and operation of a wide range of programs. The system installed additional SATA / RAID is not included in the standard Windows 7.
Author: Elegance, read more

28-11-2011, 18:47, Section: Software    
Ptable Soft Repack
Ptable Soft Repack | 4.88 GB
Ptable soft - it's assembly programs f their wk does not require installation on your computer and can be run directly from a flash drive hard disk, and they are fully functional and leave almost no trace of his wk on the computer.

Composition of assembly:
Integrated tools to optimize system
AusLogics BoostSpeed ??
Glary Utilities PRO
TuneUp Utilities 2012 12.0.2100.24 Final Ptable
Configuring and Debugging the OS
Vista-XP Tweaker RE 1.53
Author: bka_pro, read more

29-06-2011, 02:08, Section: Software    
Soft 2011 v4.0 DVD
Soft 2011 v4.0 DVD | 1.42 GB
Author: kidbandes, read more

22-01-2011, 08:20, Section: Software    
Icon Packager v5.0

Icon Packager v5.0 | 152.59 MB

IconPackager is a program that allows users to change nearly all of their Windows icons at once by applying packages of icons. A package of icons contains icons to replace most of the common icons on your Windows PC.
Author: creativelivenew, read more

1-10-2011, 17:50, Section: Software    
Windows XP SP3 Dooosha v3
Windows XP SP 3 Dooosha v3 | 690 MB
New customized Windows XP,With end of March 2010 Updates. Important Programs have been added!, Very stable, Powerful and Fast OS. Many icons and great backgrounds are added.
Author: luffy1990, read more

25-03-2011, 08:14, Section: Software » System Tools    
Ultimate NAOS 7

Ultimate NAOS 7 | 3.29 GB
Author: cangsing, read more

12-08-2011, 18:20, Section: Games    
Thirteen XIII  (PC/ENG/2003)

Thirteen XIII (PC/ENG/2003)
English | Platform: PC | Release: Friday 28th November 2003 | Publisher: Ubisoft | Developed: Ubisoft | 1.57 GB
Genre: Action

XIIIis a cel-shaded first-person shooter based on the popular Belgian cultcomic created by Jean Van Hamme and illustrated by William Vance. Thegame is loosely based on the first five comics. The main theme of thegame is based on Robert Ludlums book The Bourne Identity andfeatures a man who is suffering from amnesia and quite possiblyinvolved in the recent assassination of the President of the UnitedStates. You must be damn important, because everyone is trying to killyou. As you progress, you learn more about your secret agent past andyour curious name, XIII.
Author: thanhduc, read more

11-12-2010, 07:13, Section: Software    
Mega Apps Hybrid DVD v3.4

Mega Apps Hybrid DVD v3.4 | 4.56GB (5% Rar Recovery) | Hotfile/Fileserve/Filesonic

Welcome to the Mega Apps Hybrid DVD project! This is the most ambitious project of its kind. With it, you can live boot to Linux, install Windows XP, use bootable utilities to work on your system and backup or restore your system. And all that is just in the bootable section! In Windows, start the disc and you have access to well over 300 more pieces of software that you can install or in many cases run directly from the disc.
Author: queenluck, read more

7-03-2011, 09:14, Section: Games    
Super Meat Boy (2010)

Super Meat Boy (2010)

Author: kenvin20182011, read more

12-08-2010, 15:11, Section: Software    

 Windows XP SP3 Corporate Edition x86 APRIL 2010 SATA
Windows XP SP3 Corporate Edition x86 APRIL 2010 _ SATA
Windows XP Edition "N" SP3 Style 2010 based up~ the body Windows XP Professional for distribution in Europe, This edition includes Advanced Security Technologies and actual high level of stability, security, power . Integrated Windows Media Player 11 . This W

Author: Root, read more

26-04-2011, 01:12, Section: Software » System Tools    
RusLiveFull CD&DVD by NIKZZZZ (24.04.2011) | 677 MB & 1.24 GB
Windows RusLive has long established itself as one of the fastest LiveCd Dvd. Loaded and a half minutes due to the fact that all components are loaded into the operational pamyat.Ne all programs will run at a specified minimum memory. Build automatically support the multi core processors.
Author: VnRuEn, read more

6-02-2011, 08:14, Section: Software    
PC First Aid Kit 2011.

PC First Aid Kit 2011 | 619.82 MB

Compiled by Stitches

This First Aid Kit is meant to be saved to a USB drive and used as an emergency kit to fix an unruly computer.
Author: marry, read more

28-05-2011, 23:15, Section: Software » System Tools    
Win7 Rescue PE 3 (04/2011)

Win7 Rescue PE 3 (04/2011) | 1.10 Gb

Win7 Rescue PE 3 – a universal platform for servicing today’s PCs (04/14/2011) – is a bootable Windows PE Built on Windows 7 SP1 for backup, testing, maintenance and disaster recovery of your PC. Is a universal platform for installation and operation of a wide range of programs. The system installed additional SATA / RAID is not included in the standard Windows 7.
Author: vipmusic77, read more

30-03-2011, 05:28, Section: Software    
Windows Blanco Xp 2010

Windows Blanco Xp 2010 SATA Driver Activated 590.47 MB

All Microsoft Windows Security Update date : 25/05/2010
Windows Media Player 11 With latest Updates
Internet Explorer 8 With Latest Updates
FirFOx 3.6.3
Author: o0oquyethpo0o, read more

16-03-2011, 08:33, Section: Software    
DLC Super Multi Boot 2011 v1.0.

[center]DLC Super Multi Boot 2011 v1.0 | 3.72 GB
Hiren's BootCD v13.1 Rebuild by DLC v1.0, Windows 7 Portable (LK), Windows XP SP3 Professional, 7 Antivirus Rescue Disk,...[/
Author: nhammen, read more

11-11-2010, 07:59, Section: Software    

AIO System Tools-2010 | 3.31 GB

All this software is up to time (09/2010) and almost 95% of the software is freeware,there is some application's like M$ Office 2003, Ashampoo Burning Studio... what one. are not free , so those applications have crack.
Lenguage: 70% Multilenguage
No Password's ~t any Virus,mey be you anti-virus detect some of the break 's like a trojan or wha

Author: Root, read more

23-01-2011, 17:30, Section: Software    
WinRAR 4.00 Beta 5 Portable T-T

WinRAR 4.00 Beta 5 Portable T-T
WinRAR 4.00 Beta 5 Portable | 5.16 Mb

Author: tintinmccc, read more

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